L'Escala is a fishing village which besides enviable scenery offers a great number of activities for all ages.
Some outstanding cultural events that take place throughout the year:  Triumvirat Mediterrani(Celebrates Indiqueta, Greek and Roman heritage),  Marató d’Empúries (Empúries Marathon), Aplec de la sardana (traditional Catalan dance day), Mare de Déu del Carme Festival, Festa de la Sal (Salt Festival), Festa de l’Anxova (Anxovy day) and Jornades Gastronómiques del Suquet de Peix (Fish and shellfish soup-stew Gastronomic Days)
You can visit Jaciment arqueològic d'Empúries(Empúries archaeological site), Museu de l’Anxova i de la Sal (Salt and Anchovy museums), Cementiri Marí (Maritime Cemetery), Sant Martí d’Empúries picturesque village and a number of traditional and fishing displays: at Maram (Fish Interpretation Centre), at Alfolí de la Sal (former Salt Customs and Depot)  and enjoy sights and monuments

L’Escala is world renown for anchovies of  ancestral preserving method and incomparable flavour.
Chance to practice a wide variety of sports related to the sea such as sailing, scuba diving and others such as ‘bicing’, hiking or follow scenic bicycle routes.

  • Museu Dalí Figueres

    Salvador Dalí’s Museum dedicated to his surrealist art.

    Figueres - 25 Km

  • Aiguamolls de l'Empordà

    Natural Salt Marshes Park where you can spot a large number of aquatic bird species from several viewing points.

    St. Pere Pescador - 16 Km

  • Coastal Cruises

    Sea voyages to discover all spots and stories on L’Escala’s shores. Voyages to al Costa Brava spots.

    L'Escala al Port

  • Scuba Diving

    Discover L’Escala’s reefs with a large number of species and ship wrecks.


  • Illes Medes

    Underwater Park Natural a true reserve of local species.

    L'Estartit - 17 Km

  • Ruïnes d'Empúries

    Remains of the ancient Greek city of Emporion built near the capital of the Indian indiketes (Indika).

    L'Escala - Empúries